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Superb product - 0 info about install :)

Installation itself is easy, but tips n tricks section with this unit would be nice. Spend HOURS to find out why my AUX is jumping randomly back to FM. There is a setting in Andream unit under Factory section - set AUX mode: Either manual or Automatic (you want manual). That was sorted. Guys - Andream - please, don't be lazy and create a little HDI (How do I) for customers. Superb unit itself :) :) :)
Car: BMW e60 2006 CCC with small screen no navigation. Model with AUX in port, which means I did NOT needed to use actual 3.5mm jack aux in cable (it was wiring into the unit itself).

Decoder does not support Split View Audi A7 2012.

Decoder does not support Split Screen in Android Auto 7.4 even tought you can choose different sizes, see attached image, the size is fixed by decoder firmware.

Split view

Please could you tell me if the box that I bought for me Audi A7-2012 supports split view in Android Auto versión 7.4.

I Attack the software versión installed on my box.

Thanks for your answer.

Some challenges but we got there in the end..

The product works well and makes a big difference to the car- I have a 2017 RMC A7. Support is responsive and focused on helping (but timezone for this isn't ideal). They sent me replacement power cable and separately a replacement unit under warranty as first one was faulty.

Make sure they give you the right dip codes for the model and version you have. Any problems ask to be connected with tech support. It was very time consuming getting this done. Worth paying someone locally to do it for you if you have the option for this.


all the products tested and purchased in this shop are of good manufacture I am a professional and I only install the products chosen by Andream

Very perfect product and gives good instructions thanks mate 💪🏼

Good Upgrade

Good upgrade todo in an old MMI system, the only problem I face, is the switch configuration, that was not on installation instructions, have to try some configurations that was not on the list to make it happen, if some one face same problem on Audi A4 B8 with MMI 3G Basic, I left on the picture the configuration that work for me.

J’adore le résultat, installation c’était pas du tout facile fallait que je réfère un guide sur YouTube étape par étape
Au final je suis content du résultat

Lo que buscas es esto

La mejor pantalla posible para este modelo. Es ideal. Funciona perfecto, el audio suena genial y funciona el apple carplay al momento (proyecta las apps en la pantalla). Por inconvenientes y por eso pongo 4 estrellas es que he tenido que cortar algun plástico porque no encajaba correctamente, no ha sido difícil pero lo debo explicarlo. Por lo demás genial, busca algún tutorial dónde desmontan todo, es fácil y en media hora lo tienes hecho. Recomendado, te atienden por mail por cualquier problema y me ha tardado 1 semana y media en llegar.

Excellent upgrade for original display

Everything about this head unit is near perfect. To mention a few of the best upgrades: automatic start up, touch screen, bass boost (on top of the OEM HiFi system bass adjustment), bright display, almost seamlessly working Apple CarPlay, etc. Only downside this far was the lack of installing instructions, though this problem was very quickly solved through customer support.

Wonderfull product

This is a great product delivering everything it promises. Plug and play installation with excellent support! Can strongly recommend!


Great product, i connect with wifi and it connects fast without any issues when i get in the car.
Installing was pretty straight forward, just put the new cords in the back of the new screen where ever theres an empty slot for it.

First i did not get any sound. The solution was to remove the green/black fiber optic cable from the old quadra socket into the new one.

Great upgrade

Very good product. Upgraded a dated MMI! Now have wireless CarPlay. I also added the optional parking cameras. Great!!

BMW F46 2015 CarPlay with NBT MMI Box / GREAT !

To install the CarPlay with the MMI Box was not a big Problem… you need a little bit time 2-3hours… the right tools for the Interieur and a good place for the MMI Box. I installed the MMI Box under the glove box… there is a good place. CarPlay works fine, connected with my iPhone when i start my car. The original Rear Camera works also perfekt and the PDC, all Signals wokrs fine. Also the integrated Mic. works good. You need a little Time for the functions with the iControl but it works perfekt. The sound quality with the AUXIN works good enough for me ! I think for that price it is a good investment to upgrade your „old“ car :-) I hope it works a long time !

Works ok but not perfect.

The screen looks good but the image quality can be a bit blurred. Installation is not easy and the guide provided does not help.

Thankfully there are several online videos of the same installation that help. The hardest part is making the cut and adjusting the plastic screen support to have a good fit.

The idrive selector knob does not fit on the e93 (convertible) as the cup holder is a different shape, even though I contacted them in advance to clarify this issue and was told it would fit the e93.

So far the screen as froze once and the only way to reset was to turn off/on the car since there are no other physical buttons to press.

Overall satisfied with my purchase and will see how it holds up for the next few months.

Good for the price some bugs but works fine

The installation was straight forward. Just search on youtube for an installation Video. There are minor bugs in the software and the built in Bt audio for phonecalls is not as good as the oem of bmw, but you can choose to keep the oem bluetooth for phonecalls. In Android auto it shows you, you would have not bt connection, but it works fine by using the oem bt for calls. I used to have the tiny 6,5" display and for fullscreen oem userinterface i had to code two items with bimmercode so i also can use oem fullscreen ui. Then i did choose in the units option in the settings the 8,8 screen an now it shows oem UI fullscreen. sometimes, when switching vom AA to the oem UI i have for several seconds distortions on screen. This appears after the car was in deep sleep. It also takes in this case several seconds before the screen shows a picture. I am in contact with the good supprt of andream and they are busy to solve the picture distortion. Maybe i coded not correctly... My original reverse camera is working, it switches to the oem ui as soon as i push the button oder shift to reverse. the bigger screen is really good and has a way better resolution as the old 6,5". Under Android the oem camera doesn't work, but i am fine with using the oem view. Android auto wired works very good and snappy. It is the cheapest way to upgrade your car with a navigation. despite the fact the system won't let me force dark screen for google maps - it switches to day mode the next time i drive. Under factory settings the system is not reminding if i check bluetooth oem but i did not pair my mobile with the bt of the screen so it still uses the oem hands free for calling. In the factory settings it always switches to "afterload" to be checked it does not save my chosen checkbox.. I use media monkey for music, it works very good. Answering WhatsApp messagen over voice works very good too.
i also tried wireless android auto, but in comparison to the wired solution it is very laggy.
The screen is very glary, but as i read in some threads i will try to apply an anti glare screen protector. The touch screen is a bonus an works just fine. I hope the bugs are beeing erased by future updates. A manual explaining all the options under "factory settings" would be a thing. All in all for its price it is good. The bigger screen even when only using the oem ui is great.

Excellent upgrade but...

Excellent upgrade but in my case it was very difficult to fit the CCC unit (the biggest ones) with the cables. On the other hand, I was expecting a screen with more brightness and contrast, with the sun the image is very dark. I was also expecting better sound quality. But OK, everything works fine!

Perfect upgrade for aging car.

I installed it into an E61 LCI, and what can I say, it transformed the car to 10 years newer.

Wireless android auto starts automatically, when going into reverse the original pdc view comes up, you can control everything via idrive selector or steering wheel.

Just two comments:

It came without a manual, that made things more complicated. Andream support helped me, the mistake was I forgot to move the green two pin connector from the original quadlock into the adaptor one going into the head unit, I assumed all cables would get routed forwards. Once that was fixed everything worked.

You should get a matte screen protector otherwise it glares a lot. There are some for sale on amazon that fit original bmw cic 8,8".

Oh and make sure you go into the main menu in bmw idrive before switching to Andream unit, otherwise stuff like pdc becomes wonky when you are in a submenu on idrive.

Best mod ever for my F56

Installed on 10/2016 [****] system without any problem. Just beautiful. Graphics interface's very smooth !


I received the product very quickly. it was easy to install. I also received an installation / use manual. super satisfied with the product

Great piece of kit

Great piece of kit and easy to fit. Completely changed my Audi A6 MMI

Android Head Unit and Reversing Camera

I'd no experience with doing this on any car, but it was pretty much plug and play after watching a few youtube videos. I've no issues with it at all, great quality and lots of features. Install your favorite apps and off you go!

Almost perfect

Very good product overall, and very sharp assistance on my request. To complete the package to get 5 stars, needs to send instructions link upon order and provide possibility to customize the set. I’d like to choose for a twin GPS cable like LVDS cable, to link it to the car’s gps antenna.

Great upgrade!

very nice upgrade for the bmw f10. and seriously great value for money