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Parfait sur ma BMW E93 (2008)

1) Commençons par la commande:
Quelques heures après mon payement, Tang m’a contacté pour vérifier avec moi que le produit serait parfaitement adapté au modèle et à l’année de mon véhicule. J’ai apprécié, je trouve ça très sérieux et rassurant! Ensuite j’ai reçu l’écran en moins d’une semaine, génial!

2) l’installation :
On ne va pas se mentir, il faut de la patience et il faut se débrouiller tout seul car il n’y a pas de documentation fournie. Le mieux c’est de trouver des tuto sur Youtube, on en trouve même en Français. En gros, il y a un énorme connecteur à l’arrière de la radio d’origine, il suffit de le débrancher et d’y insérer le nouveau câble fourni. Il faut bien penser à déplacer délicatement les deux fibres optiques sur le nouveau connecteur. Et l’astuce c’est de bien cacher l’ancien connecteur sur la gauche sinon il est impossible de remettre la radio à sa place. À part ça rien de compliqué, il faut juste prendre son temps. J’ai choisi de mettre l’USB dans la boite à gants et par contre sur ma E93 de 2008 je n’ai pas eu besoin de me raccorder à la prise auxiliaire. Comme beaucoup, j’ai du reconfigurer le format vidéo pour le système d’origine, l’image était toute déformée, c’est un réglage caché par un mot de passe, c’est un peu surprenant. Heureusement j’ai fini par trouver le mot de passe à 4 chiffres sur internet.

3) L’utilisation
Tout simplement parfait ! Ma voiture a rajeuni de 15 ans. L’écran tactile est de très bonne qualité, le logiciel est très bien fait. A tout moment on peu revenir sur le système d’origine. Lorsque la marche arrière est enclenchée le système passe automatiquement sur l’écran des radars puis revient ensuite au Carplay. Le son est excellent et il y a même un equalizer numérique. Le système est réactif et la position GPS est très précise. Je suis super satisfait de mon achat. J’ai l’impression d’avoir une nouvelle voiture :-)

Great unit with personal support

I installed the module in my Audi A5 cabriolet (2011 with MMI 3G basic and B&O audio). Navigation using the MMI dial works great and resolution is good enough for Google Maps, Spotify, ... The system is using the normal audio and can be controlled via MMI, so balance, fader, B&O DSP, ... works fine as well. It really makes the car much nicer, because it feels much more modern for not too much money. I had a small issue, but contacted supported and they send me new firmware that seems to solve the issue. Great support at a great price.

PS: Colors in the video are incorrect due to the camera. Colors are fine. YouTube video placeholder
Wireless Apple CarPlay for Audi A5

Working perfectly! Simple quick installation. The seller is very helpful if you have any questions. Fast and accurate delivery! Thank You!

Andream 8.8" Wireless Apple CarPlay multimedia head unit.

Delivery: within 4 days (fast)
Quality: robust and looks good
Fits: exactly and looks like OEM unit
Installation: medium (you must be handy and know what you’re doing)
Connection: easy
Use: medium due to lack of instructions
Satisfied: yes.


I received the product as is, but when I discovered that the device did not have WiFi, I requested a return. The company owner gave me a random address that is not available on any safe method, where you can monitor its coordinates, and if it is lost, you will not know the way to it. It doesn't have any serial number because they didn't send it to a regular address. My advice to you is if you are not sure about the product, do not buy it from them. . I will not return to purchase any product from this page.

8.8 Carplay BMW F32 - Excellent in my opinion!

I had a BMW F32 with the small 6.5 entry nav screen, unfortunately I was not able to upgrade to the bigger OEM screen so I went searching for a solution and Andream's Apple Carplay 8.8 Screen immediately catch my eye. I ordered it and received it in 6 days ( EU ). Delivery was fast and product arrived quickly. I installed the product with ease, there is one optic cable you need to swap, 1 big connector and the aux cable. If you have older F series than 2014 you will probably have to use the aux cable, newer versions work without it but still receive the signal through the internal aux. This product is as described on the website, does apple carplay and android auto. It connects to apple carplay immediately when I get in my car. The audio output although is through aux it is of decent quality. The screen looks really matching to the OEM 8.8 screen so this is a win-win for me. I recommend this product to others and would definetly buy it again

Easy install

Easy install. And it works as it is supposed to.

Unfortunately they don’t answer me on messenger, I’m trying one more for my other car

Hello my friend,

Thank you for your feedback, it is very important to us.
Sorry, it was our National Day holiday some time ago, so my reply was delayed.
I will start replying to your message.

Works great!

Kit comes complete, though no instructions included. I found a YouTube video though, and Jenly is very responsive in tech support. Minimal tools needed, just work slowly remind the trim on the dash. Getting the bulk of wires behind the head unit is a little tricky, but it can be done. I hid the box itself behind the carpet in the passenger footwell underneath where the cabin filter lives.

One quirk is it doesn’t display the climate control settings in CarPlay, but it’s easy enough to switch back to the native infotainment screen. Overall quite satisfying, I also added a reverse camera, as mine didn’t come stock, and the camera view will come up automatically when put in R, and the guide lines move with the steering wheel because it’s linked to the CAN network.

Good product

The camera is fine. The trunk handle is a bit too hard but it works.
I give it 4 stars because the package does not come with wiring instructions. Therefore i had to wait for a couple of days until i got them from tech support.

Andream carplay for C-HR2018

Works well, fast shipping. Took me 20 min to install based on a yt video. Phone connects to it right away, no problem with wireless connection. Touchscreen and screen resolution could be better but its toyota’s fault :D the component worth the price, highly recommended!


Tout est parfait, installation facile, livraison tres rapide, vendeur réactif répond aux mails/questions..
je recommande !!!
Toyota CHR avec TOUCH2 system.

Good System for F45 Active Tourer!

Bought this because my 2016 F45 Active Tourer came with Japanese maps and it was quite expensive to get it swapped to Europe Maps . Despite the lack of documentation / instructions provided I was able to get this installed within 2h, finding a location for the MMI box is also not easy but thankfully cables are long enough. MMI Box works flawless using Wifi Android Auto, it comes up to Google Maps for me within 30 seconds of the car being switched on and I really like that the Original I-Drive Media system remains untouched.

Perfect upgrade for a BMW E60

I installed this unit in my 2009 BMW E60 LCI with the small 6.5" CCC screen with business radio.

- The ordering process was easy
- I got an email after placing the order to confirm what type of system do i have in my car and if i have an AUX port or not
- I got information about 10-15 days delivery from China. It came after 13 days.

- I emailed them to send instructions for the installation because it wasn't any in the box. I got that the next day via email.
- The disassembly of the dashboard was straight forward inclusive to take out the old screen
- It was a little bit challenging to route the cables up to the display. There is not much room to play with
- I switched the optic cables like i was told to do so but i haven't got any sound, so i need to use an audio cable with 3.5mm jack routed under the armrest to the factory AUX-in port which sits in the armrest compartment
- This made the installation a little bit longer to take out the armrest and put it back together after placing the audio cable

After installation:
- I needed to choose which type of system do i have in my car. I did that in "Settings-Factory reset-code 1368-model type". I tried almost all the options and chose one that worked best. It changes how the original user interface is viewed on the new screen. I had Business Radio with a small 6.5" screen with CCC. The basic setting for the Andream unit made the original BMW UI stretched to cover the whole display, so a 6.5" image on a 8.8" screen doesn't look good. But after testing all the options, i have found one that looks like on the images below.
- I emailed them to update the boot image on the screen and they sent me a folder with a couple of files and instructions, so i copied them on a microSD card and updated the logo with a BMW one.
- I need to use max brightness for the screen, otherwise it is a little bit hard to see on sunny days, but i didn't have so many reflections others are saying it has. So i didn't got an anti glare screen protector for it.
- The wireless Apple CarPlay works flawlessly. After short drives switching on and off i have experienced that it didn't connect automatically, so i had done that manually, but otherwise it works well every time.
- The iDrive controller works perfect without changing any settings
- The steering wheel buttons are working perfectly, inclusive the voice command button which activates Siri
- I have changed the camera and parking sensor settings in the Andream unit, so when i activate the parking sensors the original screen comes up. The sound is muted from the Andream unit when the parking sensor screen is on. After that it switches back automatically.
- If you have the AUX setting in "Automatic" mode it switches nicely between the factory radio and the Andream unit without problem, but if you want to listen to the factory radio but have the CarPlay screen (without sound) you need to change the AUX setting to "Manual".
- To switch between the Andream UI and the BMW UI just press and hold the Menu button. Works great.
- Touchscreen works okay, not an iPad, but it works. I use the iDrive most of the time.

I'm very happy with the purchase, just a little bit disappointed because i read that you don't need an audio cable with 3.5mm jack to have sound but i do needed it, and for that i worked on the car two hours more with disassembling and assembling of the armrest to route the cable.
Totally recommend. It is a perfect upgrade for an older car!


Car Multimedia is a very good accessory for your BMW F30, or F31 (Break) like mine. The installation is quite easy if you know how to tinker a little, you just have to go gently with a spatula to pick up the plastics from the dashboard without breaking the staples. Once installed I am very satisfied because my BMW takes a real young shot thanks to this compatible screen CarPlay and Android Auto new models 2022. As you can see in the photos it is a car radio really nice and cool. Finally a great thank you to the seller who is responsive and really listening and who answers you quickly if you have questions.

Nice and Does the job as mentioned

Nice CarPlay head unit, I love to do DIY, installed it on my own after watching few YouTube videos. Andream team was very supportive on providing required information. It’s been over a week now, working fine so far. Sometimes it will few mins to connect to CarPlay wirelessly, easiest thing is go to WiFi settings and connect manually to the CarPlay WiFi, sometimes it connects automatically without any effort. Overall I am happy with my purchase. I would recommend for friends who wants a touchscreen CarPlay display.

BMW X5 E70 2009 CIC

Great product . Quickly deliverd and the install support was great!
Pictures follow! Thanks

Great product!

I was struggling to find a head unit which supports wireless android auto and found this. This device works really nice and fulfills all my expectations! See the image for Android auto. Installation is very easy and should take max. 1 hour. Only tricky part was to fit all the extra cables because of lacking space in the car, but eventually it will fit.

E60 carplay headunit

Made my car lot better… quality of the sound have never been this good and easy to install and use!


Installazione intuitiva e rapida. Tutto si integra perfettamente con gli innesti e le forme del cruscotto.
Sistema rapido. Fondamentale attivare l'aux dal sistema OEM altrimenti non funziona l'audio.
Altra cosa importante è dissociare lo smartphone dal sistema OEM e usarlo solo in abbinata al Carplay.
Punto a sfavore, il microfono per le telefonate è molto basso.
Per l'installazione della retrocamera, il sistema si attiva in automatico innestando la R ed appaiono le linee dinamiche.
Assistenza presente e risponde ad ogni quesito.
Lo consiglio!

Andream Display 8.8 Inch für f31

Hatte zuvor das kleine Display mit Bluetooth und Aux. Das neue Display ist sehr leicht zu verbauen und sieht optisch sehr schick aus. Wichtig ist der Aux Anschluss in der Mittelkonsole, da dort das Kabel vom Display per AUX Kabel angeschlossen werden muss, da man sonst keinen Ton hat. Apple CarPlay und Android Auto funktioniert richtig gut. Das Display kann mit dem Idrive Knüppel in der mitte als auch per Touch sehr gut benutzt werden. Die Musik kann auch vom Lenkrad mit dem Rollknüppel bedient werden. Ich habe für den Einbau ca. 20 Minuten benötigt und bin absoluter Anfänger und habe mit Autos und Elektronik nix am Hut. Kleine Sachen die stören sind z.B. das im Rückwärtsgang die Musik aus geht, das man mit der zurück Taste beim Idrive Knüppel bei Apple CarPlay und Android Auto immer zurück ins das Andream Menü zurück kommt, das man keine SD und Sim Karte einbauen kann, das man in den Einstellungen bei mir nur zwischen zwei Startlogos auswählen kann, wo kein BMW Startlogo bei ist. Für den Preis von 309€ ist es sehr gut. Vergleichbare Angebote waren bei ca. 600€ und mehr.


Ottimo prodotto arrivato in Italia abbastanza in fretta, lo consiglio, un prodotto plug and play

Very smooth

The customer service was awesome they really know what they’re talking about. But the only thing is it took us like three hours to figure out how to correctly hook up the back up camera. My only thing is you should create some instructions on how to hook up the back up camera. But overall it works smoothly and looks very crisp. Amaizing product and much care and assist by the seller! very happy!!

Like a new car.

Best in use and easy to install Just like described. The seller is fast in response and excellent 100%

Half ok!

Works fine exept oem signal from the car, works fine with oem screen but not with the new screen!

Nice Apple CarPlay retrofit

Installation was for moderate experience level. CarPlay works nicely now. Comes up automatically and fast after starting the car. Takes some time to get the settings right, but when it does, it works very nicely. Had some additional questions after installation and they were answered swiftly by helpful Andream.