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Great product and service

Cannot fault service, instructions should be included in packet it is not thet difficult although dip switch settings for mic bluetooth was only fixed when I got them.Cheap upgrade if you want to have handsfree, apple car play and reverse camera

Perfect upgrade

Bought this item a few weeks ago and am really satisfied. Installation was plug & play. Needed some assistance and got it via Messenger (email went slowly, Chinese timezones). The system works very good, wireless connection is stable and convenient, system can be tweaked in various ways and everthing is working logical. A few minor things; sound quality feels like a step back. I have the Audi Sound upgrade with subwoofer but had to tweak the sound settings in the Andream box as well as in the MMI system. Sometimes the sound is still a bit distorted. Maybe it has something to do with the wireless connection, i dont know. All in all still worth the buy, but I would opt for an upgrade for the amplifier in the system. Very satisfied though and would recommend it!

SQ5 2014: Good product, only Chinese company not EU

The product works fine, and you will receive a manual. Only the webshop isn’t in the EU, so every question / support they will reply in the middle of the night. So be aware: There is no installation support at european time zones .

if you order anything else, they ship that for China, and will not be received at the same time.

5 stars for the product, 1 less for the assumption that they are EU based

Changed my X1 F48

Finally after weeks of research and looking for options ,I installed carplay MMI box in my X1 F48 late 2017 . I have NBT entry nav system which tbh isn't the best for navigation, traffic updates are rare , routes are longer and entering the destination via the idrive is a pain.
Got the Andream unit from their website and the product was shipped from Germany. It was received at my place (ireland) in 5 working days.
Did the installation my self and took 2 hours , the only tool needed was torx 20 screwdriver and some YouTube videos. The place beneath the HU is small but manageable to fit the MMI . Andorid auto works like a charm and it's wireless. You can add a destination with voice command using Google assistant. Attaching a few photos pre and post install.
Cheers ✌ 🍻

Greatest thing since sliced bread

Great way to modernise the entertainment system without replacing anything. Requires some googling for instructions and faq in relation to installation. System is well integrated but not 100% seamless.


I managed to insert the cable's wrong. Took 2 days to get into (proper)contact with andream. But then we had good communication via whatsapp.
Description could be better..

Great product

In our 218i active Tourer we did not have android auto and coming from a car that has this option is absolutely a missing option.. I ordered this as I absolutely wanted before our holidays: Waze, Spotify, google maps displayed on the 6.5 inch touchscreen. I installed it after a very fast delivery and every went very well keeping in mind the space that is available in the active tourer is not much I managed to put the unit under the glovebox. There is not a aux-in on this model so I had to use the jack3.5 to usb module that was included in the delivery. The sound is a bit flat but with some tweeking I managed to get a quite decent sound but there could be done some more effort for this price to have a more decent DAC or at least use the DAC from the car and have a digital usb out on this box. I am very happy with the purchase and it works very well. I do not use the wireless option for airplay or android auto as I always charge my phone in the car. For now I am still going through the settings as there is alot to discover. On thing is that calling via Android auto or airplay gives alot of latency and distortion with the usb solution. So calling goes via Bluetooth via the original idrive system which you can perfectly change in the settings.

Very satisfied with the result

Took some time for us car noobs to figure out how to open up the dashboard. In the process we broke a pin from the display but we could glue it back on so was no big problem. In the end it was a simple install and we are very satisfied with the result. The many YouTube video’s about the install helped a lot. Don’t expect extensive user manuals. You need to investigate stuff on your own. We knew that before we ordered. Cannot say anything about the support from the seller because we didn’t need it.

Amazing device

Generally, the unit works amazingly well. I'm very pleased with it and absolutely recommend it. It makes the car feel young and fresh and the benefit of having Android Auto/CarPlay is life-easing. It comes with a great feature set for the low price it's offered at. I have the CCC model installed in a 2007 3-series. Here is a list of observations I noticed during installation and use of the head unit:

----- Features -----

* All original features of iDrive work, including reverse camera, and it is easy to switch between the two systems.
* The iDrive button in the console is working correctly.
* All steering wheel buttons are working, including the voice assistant button that launches Google Assistant or Siri.
* The screen will dim automatically based on your car's light setting, which can be changed in the settings menu.
* An anti-reflective screen protector is recommended, as the screen is pretty glossy. With the screen protector attached, it looks like the stock screen and reflections are no issue. Other people have done this in the reviews.
* AUX option is required in your car to have sound functionality, but plugging in a physical aux cable is not necessary, as it can use the built-in AUX channel.
* The OEM iDrive looks beautiful, with the head unit featuring an IPS display.
* Android Auto/CarPlay doesn't start automatically.
* Android Auto doesn't currently support wireless connections. However, you can purchase an additional adapter to achieve wireless connections. It's available on IndieGogo (google it)
* The boot logo can be changed to a plain BMW logo or Audi logo (lol) to disguise the system and make it look more integrated into the car.

----- Installation -----

* Installation was easy and straightforward.
* Pry tools are necessary to prevent damage to the interior and interior trims.
* The most difficult part was putting the iDrive unit back in place, as the cable harness of the head unit was blocking it. It was hard to find a good space for the cable harness, and it took a while to have it fit properly.
* To nicely fit the USB cable, it is possible to replace the cigarette charger socket with a dedicated USB socket. This requires additional inspection and could involve modifications to your console trim (I'm planning to do this soon. People have done it in other reviews here).

For BMW Z4 E89 2011 CIC

Easy to install. Works perfekt wireless on Android Auto.
My car don't have Bluetooth so I installed the microphone beside the center speaker under speaker front, lots of space there.

In my car you needed to install the aux cable.

If you have problem getting 720p in Android Auto do system reset to your phone and then it will work (the latest firmware for MMI has support for 720i).

Super je

Jako sam zadovoljan samim uređajem,dostavom,samom organizacijom od zaprimanja naruđbe, sve do same dostave paketa...svaka pohvala za vas..

Could be better

I bought 8.8" version, which is enough for me, 10.25 is too big for my taste. When starting the car it takes aroud 5s for screen to show picture, voice comes before, it is little lagy but all in all is not too bad. Screen has no antiglare protection, it shines really bad there is a lot of reflection, this really bothers me. Also the silver bezel around the frame shines in front glass. I have ordered antiglare foil, I hope it will reduce reflections. Brightness could be little better too, it does not match the original display. Android auto works OK, too bad it does not work wirelessly but only by cable. There is no instructions for installation, fortunately there is a lot of youtube videos. But hard too find how to install rear camera.

Zufrieden bis jetzt

Bis jetzt hat alles gepasst die Lieferung war bei mir leider aus China, aber trotzdem kam das paket innerhalb 10 Tagen.

Einbau dauerte ca 1h und war für mich nicht so schwer. Carplay funktioniert top. Auto an und nach 2-3 sekunden verbindet sich das System automatisch. Die Spiegelung des Displays ist ziemlich hoch. Daher habe ich eine matte Folie Bestellt und werde dies dran machen. Aber im Großen und ganzen bin ich voll Zufrieden damit. Vorallem Preisleistungsverhältnis top👍🏽 Eins stört mich nur das bei Naviansagen das Lied nicht Tonabgesenkt wird sondern komplett stumm geschaltet wird. Benütze googlemaps mit spotify

perfect integration!!

this product is the perfect integration of carplay in the CIC world! manymany thanks for it!


Hreat product. Hardest to install was behimd stereo cables. Followed mmi on youtube to set up. And idrive took time lossen panel.

CarPlay Android Auto MMI

everything is OK. fast delivery, easy installation I liked. seller takes time to answer questions but responds and resolves. recommend this seller (Amdream. eu) obrigada 😎

Works perfectly

Delivery was fast, asked lots and lots of questions and Tang answered all and more. Happy with the system works better then my expectation.

Super 👍🏻

So I am very satisfied with the device. operation is also very easy. The connection sometimes takes a few seconds, but that's okay. The installation proves to be a little more difficult. Some should take their time because the Quadlock connector has to be accommodated. I needed about 6 hours for the installation with the reversing camera. So all in a super thing. I would recommend it to others. 4 stars because the plug is so huge

Carplay audi a3 8v

I recommend the module, easy installation, works as described. Excellent feedback from the seller. Rating 5

Great unit!

Good unit and works instant. Bmw idrive keeps working and steering wheel buttons are also working! I had a small problem with the left speakers, but they’ve sent me a replacement cable to hopefully fix it. Great product and great service!

Great Upgrade for BMW F20 from 2016

I just recently received my CarPlay Head Unit and it works just fine. Fast and safe delivery via DHL (to Germany). It connects wirelessly with my iPhone and I‘m more than happy that I found this Andream Head Unit :) It’s easy to install and Audio worked without any complicated setup 👌🏼 Thumbs up so far 💪🏼


Prodotto eccezionale di ottima qualità sia video che audio
Abbinamento automatico con Apple CarPlay eccezionale

Very nice product

Good product and good service.
Installed for my BMW F10 , 5 series.